Achoo! fast installation of Arch Linux

Achoo! is an iso containing a set of scripts that help you install Arch Linux quickly and easily. It is proudly cli.

Achoo! is good on older hardware with limited resources. The philosophy behind it is to save you time. You don’t sit at the computer, typing or ticking boxes, waiting while the installer chugs away – no, you spend two or three minutes making your choices at the beginning, through a logical series of screens that follow the Arch Wiki Beginners’ Guide, then you can go off to make a cup of tea while Achoo! does the job.

And it does the job in record time. A basic installation of Arch can be finished in under 5 minutes (including data entry). Or you can go for a full installation, with a selection of desktop environments and a choice of useful programs (such as Firefox, Transmission, Gparted and others) which could still take less than 15 minutes.

You can get Achoo! from here:

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