Arch LinuX Evo / Lution installer Easy add software


If you need to install Clean Arch Linux with no additions and stuff, and you don’t like the traditional “Arch way”, you can try Evo/Lution easy Arch installer. You can find all info about this installer on this page.

Well this article is not HOW TO install Arch with Evo/Lution installer.. it’s about how to add some stuff easy way after installation of Arch with Evo. First of all when you finished installing your Clean Arch, you can add stuff with another Install script called AUI. For example, aui script offer many auto software installation and also more DE’s.

All you need to do is to open your terminal as root and type:

git clone git://

And you will download AUI script from github. After that you have to do next:

cd aui


And after that you will se that scripts is rady for install.. just confirm youf prefered language, and dont use automated setup. When you get in the menu, you can choose whatver you like to install.. Easy as that.


I houp that this article will save you some time on setting up your Arch the way you like it to be.