Centos7 VestaCP install older PHP

In my case I had to install older version of PHP on Cnetos7, but latest vestacp installs php 7.4RC which it doesn’t work for this server. On brand new installation of server goal was to tio transfer some older wordpress projects that require php 5.6 couse of some older plugins/templates. I know that is a security risk and not recommended, but my client insists on this couse there are some issues with updateing wordpress. Some stuf were not compatible with new versions of wordpress and php. So lets start… I have installed VestaCP as always, and after installation needed to completely remove PHP with all stuff like phpmyadmin,roundcube etc. TO do this you just need to run :

yum remove php*

After this also needed to remove from /etc/yum.repos.d every php7.repo file couse everything I do for some reason it installs php7 no metter what command I set.

First of all install: yum install yum-utils

For installing php5.6 you need to run this command

yum –enablerepo=remi-php56

This will enable only php56 on remi repo so you are god to go!

So now you can install php with yum install php , and after you can add every needed php module, also you can list php modules/stuff with yum search php.

For some reason I try to reinstall vestacp with this php version but for this you need to remove apache nginx exim and run you vestacp installation script.. after install i got php5.6 with all stuff needed to run wordpress scripts and didn’t have to install all other deps and stuff.. also i got older version of phpMyAdmin and Roundcube.