How to get into mining coins..

As everyone knows that blockchain technology is getting so much attention over this year.. everyone are just looking to join this amazing world of digital coins .. It’s obvious that everyone want’s to profit but is it that easy ? Well tha answer is .. not really… You need to invest in coins or equipment to mine coins that you wish to have. You have a Bitcoin, leader for example, and for that to mine you need a special “thing” device called antminer if you wish to mine it. But on the other side, you have Ethereum and more alt coins that you can mine with gameing graphic cards. For that you need to get motherboard that can run 4 or more GPU’s at the same time, good power supply, and you need to prepared that this machine you are building will work 24/7 so cheap parts are really not recommended. Also you need cpu, ram, hdd, usb risers, or pcie extenders and internet connection for this. Most of the parts you can find one ebay/amazon but the main thing for this are graphic cards. Also it depends what coin you are trying to get. Every coin has algoritham that is dictating which kind of GPU is better for mining it. Well not just better.. the word we are looking for is “more profitable” ti mine with. Most popular is Ethereum or ETH coin, and the most profitable cards that you can get with lower period of return is AMD Radeno RX470 Nitro + or AMD Radeon R580 Nitro + OC version. These cards are much cheaper then Nvidia cards and give nice hash rates with low power usage if you have modified bios for algorithm called Equihash. Also what you need to know that Nvidia 1070 cards are getting a bit more hash power with low power usage, but return period is a bit higher.. couse of the price of the GPU. On the other side, if you wish to mine Zcache, also popular coin with different algoritham called Equihash, your best choice would be Nvidia, couse they are performing much better on this algorithm.  These are some veary basic informations about mining some coins couse you have other algorithms, other coins that are also interesting for mining with GPU’s and also giving different hashing results for AMD and Nvidia. So if you are willing to invest in mining rig, first you have to check what coin are you interested in, then you go and search for a propper GPU.

Also I have one amateur video of a new mining facility that we are starting.. you can check it if you are interested.