ID-COOLING water cooling AIO sollutions

Well as you all know I like to waste my time with interestin stuff like watercooling or makeing cheap watercooled pc with modyfied case.. This time my friend decided to go for a new pc setup with CM case and aio watercooling.. but the thing is.. we buy watercooling components for AIO.. we didn’t buy it ready to install it out of the box.. but you can purchose it ready for just set it on your cpu and in case from comapny website here: ID-COOLING.

On the website you can purchose cpu block with awesome looking pump with leds.. and radiator 240mm with 2 120mm fans.. and also you can add gpu cooling components. We decided to go only with cpu to test it.. well as you all know closed watercooling systems AIO variants is really hard to fill.. couse you dont have reservoars and stuff to get air bubbles out.. so we had rly hard time to set this cooling to work properly.. but anyway.. if you order directly from website you will need just to set it on cpu and to fit it in your case.. thats all. For this we use destiled water to fill it.. and we have done that in like 2 hours to get rid of the air inside system… not rly good idea.. well we had to try it.. 🙂 but ok enough of this .. the system we got is this one :

* High efficiency pump designed to push 76L water per hour * Micro copper base for fast heat transfer * High static pressure fans to move away the heat * Unique Comet-Tail LED lighting makes the whole system even more attractive * Soft rubber dampeners on fan frame corners help absorb operating vibration


Also we didn’t purchose fans couse we would like to add Cooler Master SickleFlow 120mm fans with blue led to get nice look for our watercooling system.


Temperatures of i5-6500 cpu in idle state are 30 Celsius per core, and 50 C in full load state.. that is preatty awesome.. also pumps is really quiet.. this is nice and quiet setup for PC.. and also if you have really loud graphics.. you can purchose system with gpu block.. and youl get really quiet PC..