Lighttpd Streaming How to make it work

This is HOW to buld lighttpd streaming… it is easy if you follow these steps…

OS: CentOS 7


yum install lighttpd

this will install all stuff you need for this…

yum install automake autoconf libtool bzip2-devel zlib-devel gcc make pcre-devel

And of course you need some tools..

And so lets prepare installation …

cd /tmp
curl -o “lighttpd-1.4.18_mod_h264_streaming-2.2.9.tar.gz”
tar -xzvf lighttpd-1.4.18_mod_h264_streaming-2.2.9.tar.gz

cd /tmp
curl -o “lighttpd-1.4.28.tar.gz”
tar -xzvf lighttpd-1.4.28.tar.gz


As you can see we are using lighttpd-1.4.28 for streaming.. it works fine without any problems and also it compiles without any crap.

cd /tmp/lighttpd-1.4.18/src/
cp mod_h264_streaming.c mod_streaming_export.h moov.* mp4_io.* mp4_process.* mp4_reader.* mp4_writer.* output_bucket.* output_mp4.* /tmp/lighttpd-1.4.28/src/

cd /tmp/lighttpd-1.4.28/src/

Add this :

mod_h264_streaming_la_SOURCES = mod_h264_streaming.c \
mod_streaming_export.h \
moov.c moov.h \
mp4_io.c mp4_io.h \
mp4_reader.c mp4_reader.h \
mp4_writer.c mp4_writer.h \
mp4_process.c mp4_process.h \
output_bucket.c output_bucket.h \
output_mp4.c output_mp4.h
mod_h264_streaming_la_CFLAGS = $(AM_CFLAGS) -DBUILDING_H264_STREAMING
mod_h264_streaming_la_LDFLAGS = -module -export-dynamic -avoid-version -no-undefined
mod_h264_streaming_la_LIBADD = $(common_libadd)


cd /tmp/lighttpd-1.4.28/
./configure –prefix=/opt/lighttpd
make && make install

cd /opt/lighttpd/lib/
cp /usr/lib64/lighttpd/

This should do the trick!