Old 775 cheap upgrade

If you have an 775 socket Motherboard and you would just like to give it a bit of power.. you could just do something like I did..
First of all I got Xeon X5492 cpu ( Cpu Info ) for a nice price from ebay, just a nice change for old c2d cpu. Also before getting CPU I had to make sure that my Mobo can be moded couse Xeon X5492 is sokcet 771 cpu. I found my motherboard listed as a good choice fro this awesome adveture. Also I had to update my bios with xeon microcodes.. So you can find GIGABYTE GA-EP43T-S3L LGA 775 DDR3 Intel P43 ICH10 DDR3 motherboard for a fer price if you have time and money to try this 🙂 Yo can find motherboard on ebay for arrount 60-70 $ and this cpu is like 100+ $, i got mine for arround 50$ with shipping, and that is an awesome price for it.. I have to thank ebay seller qt_magic that make this possible. Alos I had some old innovatec watercooling system with old external powered pump and old cpu block.. so I got a new cpu block and waterpump with internal power.

Water Cooled CPU -MTX-C 940 For PC AMD Intel Water Cooling Block
( 181456281060 )
US $36.99


12VDC Liquid Water Cooled Pump & Tank for CPU CO2 Laser
( 181165248319 )
s-l140 (1)

US $19.99

US $19.99

Got some cheap tubes also and nice lcd twith temp info and fan control

5.25″ E-SATA Cardreader LCD CPU Temp Water Cooling PC 4 Fan Speed Controller led
s-l140 (2)
To get this box as much cheap as I can but still usable, I have decided to use my old waterblock radioator 120 x 160 from innovatec and get me some cheap Graphic card that I can use for some gameing..  So I bought vamery gtx650 2 gb ddr2 128bit for 60 – 70$  and to get some more speed I have decided to go with SSD KINGSTON SSDNOW V300 240GB for 75$ and 8 GB (2x4GB) Ballistix Sport RAM DDR3 1600 MHz  arround 60$
All this will be powered with chieftec 700gt smart series 700W power supply, in old big case 🙂
So this is how all begins:
First of all i got sticker for my cpu and moded socket for 771 cpu, than just set my cpu in old board and put some paste on it.. after that my watercooling system is ready to be set out of case just for test..
so this is how it look  set for first run
Well test went great.. system is working.. so now lets go do some case mod stuff.. I had my radioter set outside and needed two holes to get my tubes in.
 20160116_153202 20160116_153209 20160116_153221
So here how it looks like too get it in case..
20160116_182534 20160116_162521 20160116_161633 20160116_155708 20160116_160913 20160116_155331
After first testing.. It shows these tempratures.. Dota 2 works nice.. without any problems.. and got more FPS on x5942 than E5472.

More tests will be done as soon as I get some more time…