VestaCP Emails doesn’t work Receive/Send

In latest Vestacp installation I have come accross some strange problems with emails. For some reason when I add email account for any domain, sending Emails over webmail and email client like thunrderbird, live mail, etc… I get strange error Exim 550 Access denied – Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821 4.1.3) so in previus post you can see fix for this problem, here is the link for it:

After some time using emails without problems, i had some strange load on server coused by clamd, clamav antivirus softwar. So I dicaded to stop clamd services.. after few days my clinets start sending me tickets with email not receiving problem.. Server Response: 451 Temporary local problem – please try later. I was investigateing what can couse this problem and I found out that in vestacp spamassassin and clamd must be working/enabled so exim will work fine.. Just check if these services are online and everything will be OK.