VestaCP Free Webhosting Panel

First of all.. I wanna to tell you about VestaCP, not what this panel is or how it looks like, just my first look on it.. and how I feel about it. The thing is, that this webhosting panel is free and it is working nice. I had to find some user friendly webhosting panel for my client who have expirience with cpanel and plesk. My client was not ready to pay for a webhosting panel on his new test server, and thats how I got to this interesting panel called VestaCP ( if you click on it you can see what is it and how ti looks like ).




Well my first thought was that every cheap or free wevhosting control panel is a waste of time, but this one made me belive that some of them are not that bad. So if you are thinking of your own webserver with free panel.. you can install it easy and you can find info HERE.

For now VestaCP supports these Operating Systems:

# RHEL 5, RHEL 6
# CentOS 5, CentOS 6
# Debian 7
# Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 14.04

If you need support for it.. you have to pay, but you have many stuff on the internet how to fix problems.