WordPress TradeExpert Integration


So you have WordPress blog, or maybe adult wordpress theme with some interesting plugins, and you don’t know how to integrate Trade Expert trade script in to your wordpress. This Little code will help you to do this. But you have to know, it might not work with some templates.

First of all you need to have jquery script and add code for it.. of course you can change path for your js file or save it in the same path as this code shows.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/js/jquery.js”></script>

In to the HEAD area of your wordpress template you need to add this code:


<?php  include("/FULL/PATH/TO/public_html/your_te3_directory/in.php"); ?>

jQuery(this).attr(‘href’,’/te3/out.php?s=100&l=click&u=’ + escape(url));

After adding this code to your HEAD section please don’t forget to empty your cache so that your Trade Expert script could work.