Xeon 1366 Cpu Project

This new project is all about IBM System x3630 M3. I got my hadns on this huge deal for a low price.. this old server had 1 x 500 gb sata, 2 x 2tb sata disks, cpu xeon e5607 and 4 gb ecc ram. Hard drives are in use at this moment, but cpu and ram are still in that server. So I was searching for the best deal, or should I say cheapest motherboard that can support this xeon 1366 socket cpus. Well the price of these motherboards are all over 200$ except low price chinese motherboards that can be purchosed under 100$. No that is what makes this project in to a new interesting build.

First of all I had to buy motherboard for this cpu, this xeon e5607 is not really great cpu, but if this setup can work, I would go for a six core xeon 1366 cpu soon. Motherboard tha ti have decided to get for this project is HUANAN Intel X58 Chipset Socket LGA 1366/Socket B Motherboard which should work with xeon cpus, and also I needed to get Socket Intel LGA 1366 CPU Cooler Bracket Heatsink Radiators Mounting Holder so I can add my cpu cooler.

s-l1600-1 s-l1600

If this gonna work fine.. I will go with Xeon x5675 six-core cpu and watter cooling with fully modded case for it.. For now.. I am waiting for motherboard to arrive..